You will need
  • Primary skills of personal computer.
Usually when you have a local network components the network environment are displayed in the start menu". In order to find them, click "start" (located on the left side of the taskbar). In the right column should be under "my Network places". Click on it once with the left mouse button. Folder opens network environment.
If the start menu" no lines "my Network places", then you can add it there. To do this, call the task Bar and click on the "start" button once the right mouse button. In the popup action menu, select the line "Properties". In the opened settings window, activate the tab "start Menu"". In front line with the name of the selected menu is "Configure" button, click it. In the menu settings select the "Advanced" tab. In this tab there is a block "menu Items "start", the bottom of which has the line "my Network places", you want to activate. After stitching you will be activated, close the Windows settings by clicking them in the "OK"button.
There is another way to open a folder "Network neighborhood". To do this, open the folder "My computer" (from desktop or from the start menu). In the left part of the window normally displays a list of typical tasks for folders. In drawer unit "Other places" find the line "Network neighborhood" and click on it with the left mouse button once. This will open a window with the network environment.