You will need
  • - the availability of seed capital;
  • - Internet;
  • - the space for opening production facilities.
Spectrum of mini-industries is quite wide.

This can be production of construction materials: lime-sand bricks, concrete blocks, paving, marble tiles, expanded polystyrene and others.

Food industry: Breweries, bakeries, mills, distilleries, mushroom cultivation, production of phyto-tea, cereal.

Services: Laundry, dry cleaning.

Other activities: manufacture of plastic packaging, plastic Windows, furniture.
Select what type of small business you would like to do.

If you have a garage, you would be more profitable to produce building materials, the necessary equipment has minimal dimensions, so it can be placed in a small room.

Also in the garage you can engage in the cultivation of mushrooms, with the condition maintain a certain temperature.

Mini-production in the food industry implies the presence of a specially equipped workshops, in compliance with the rules of SES.

For the production of Windows and furniture require special bulky equipment, so they need a large area.
Develop a business plan, decide the amount of the initial capital. Familiar with business plans for small business that offer on the Internet. Consult an experienced in this issue and familiar people, they may know about some of the pitfalls that you might not consider when writing the business plan.
Find funds for commencement. If the required amount is already available is a huge plus, and the funding disappears.

When there is no initial capital, take the money borrowed from friends, relatives or a Bank loan.

Banks are very reluctant to give loans for starting up a new business, so if you take the money in the Bank, do not disclose the fact that they need it to open a small production. It is better to take several consumer loans — it will be more realistic. To adequately evaluate their ability to pay for future repayment of these loans.
Register your company as an individual entrepreneur (sole proprietorship) or LLC (limited liability company). Rate as safer and more profitable for you to register the organization, what system of taxation is more appropriate, as it may be easier to do the books.
Purchase the necessary equipment, raw materials and materials for the selected business. Organize production in accordance with the requirements of fire and technical safety.

Get agreement SES (sanepidemstantsii), fire services.
Hire employees with the relevant qualifications (preferably experienced) and get to work.