Foreigners or persons without citizenship must fulfil several conditions. First, they must recognize the Constitution of Ukraine and its laws, to respect them. Second, mandatory served the special Declaration confirming the absence of any other citizenship.
The following prerequisite is the permanent residence on the territory of Ukraine for a period of not less than five years. However, in this case there are exceptions: there is no need to live in the country some time, if the applicant is married to a citizen of Ukraine over two years.
In addition, the procedure for obtaining citizenship of Ukraine will be preceded by the issuance of immigration permits. And here it's not so simple, since the document is only available in the range. By the way, it depends on the category to which he belongs. As a rule, in these categories include those persons receiving citizenship which will be in the interests of the country: for example, professionals with sought-after profession, science and art, major investors and so on.
The applicant must also have a sufficiently high level of knowledge of the Ukrainian language. However, the law on citizenship there is a small caveat: the requirement is not mandatory for those persons who have physical disabilities that impede language learning.
A foreigner applying for Ukrainian citizenship, must provide their own source of existence, not contrary to the laws of the country. That is, the applicant must have a job or some social benefits. Keep in mind that this paragraph does not apply to refugees.
Please note that the procedure for obtaining citizenship of Ukraine can be of two types: Express and regular. In the first case, you will meet the deadline of one month. However, this procedure is not available to all, only persons who have direct relatives of the Ukrainian citizens. The second type of receipt may take a much longer time - about a year. This period may be reduced only in some circumstances, for example, if the advance was issued the residence permit.