Will receive a temporary residence permit (a registration stamp in your passport). To apply for the RWP can be while in our country for any possible visa, except tourist. If you decide to go through the whole procedure to the end, you will have to renounce citizenship of their country, although strictly defined penalties for second citizenship is not yet established.
The grounds for obtaining Russian citizenship:
- the presence of close relatives of citizens of the Russian Federation;
- marriage to a citizen of the Russian Federation, with a duration of not less than 3 years;
- investment in Russian economy (at least us $ 250,000);
- the presence of USSR passport with a residence permit on the territory of Russia;
- evidence of service in the Republic of Armenia;
- presence of the diploma of a Russian University;
- the status of refugee and forced migrant.
A year after receiving a temporary (but if you are on time in the marriage, then the very next day) you will be able to apply for a residence permit (residence permit). Don't forget to show to the Registrar to the Federal migration service a certificate of good conduct in Russia and in the country (valid only for 45 days) and information about sources of income. Please note: if you are seriously decided to settle in Russia, you need to hurry up with the registration permit, as the sun, though, and is issued for 3 years in the future will not be extended.
After receiving the permit, you can work only in the region where you received this document without limitation, but you will not have through an employer to issue a work permit. In addition, you will be able to use the services of free health insurance. Travel outside of Russia allowed for no more than 180 days per year. To renew a residence permit is required every 5 years.
After the 5 years after the residence permit, you will be able to apply for Russian citizenship, presenting all the documents to the Federal migration service.