You will need
  • documents
A simplified procedure for granting citizenship of the Russian Federation provides for citizens of countries of the Soviet Union, who were educated (vocational or higher) in Russian institutions after 1 July 2002. If you live in Russia, and were born in territory of RSFSR and had citizenship of the USSR, you can expect to receive citizenship in a simplified procedure without observing conditions about the residence time.
To obtain a Russian passport, you need to collect a package of documents that includes birth certificate, passport, and migration notification with the stamp of migration registration, migration card, if you have one, a passport, a marriage certificate or divorce, diploma, birth certificate of children, certificate of ownership the apartment. In each case the list of instruments can be supplemented.
With these documents, photographs, filled application form and a statement will refer to the territorial division of the FMS. To apply you must personally, if forced to use email or a mediator, you will need notarial acknowledgement copies of documents and signature in the statement.
Other conditions of simplified procedure of obtaining citizenship you can find in the 14th article of the law "On citizenship of the Russian Federation".