Form N-4, the instructions for the completion of which is presented below, is required to provide the territorial body of Federal state statistics service at the place of registration of the organization. Remember, if your organization has up to 15 working person, you will need to provide this form each quarter; if the number of staff exceeds the number of 15 people fill out the form monthly.
On the title page include the full name of your organization, which is spelled out in the founding documents. Beside it, in parentheses, give short name. In the case if the legal address of your organization does not coincide with the actual, specify both. Next, specify the code of enterprise, has the organization of the territorial body of Federal state statistics service. If the accounting period your organization has not conducted payroll, complete the form U-4 without this data.
In Section 1 of this form provide General information about the organization and the actual economic activities. Also specify here the number of employees, accrued wages and waste their time. To calculate the average number of employees for the month sum the daily headcount and divide the resulting amount is the number of calendar days in the reporting month. The headcount of employees in a weekend or a holiday you take is equal to the number of the previous day.
Section 2 form P-4 is devoted to the movement of workers. Here the filling is spend in the calculation of staff payroll for the whole organization for the year, without taking into account information about economic activities. In the column "accepted employees" reflect the data about the employees, the company employed during the reporting year. The number of laid-off workers take the total number of people who left their place of work during the reporting year, irrespective of the reasons for the dismissal. External part-timers in the number of retired and hired employees payroll not included.