Contact your doctor to make an accurate diagnosis. Do it yourself is impossible. A kidney disease have similar symptoms: back pain, cloudy urine (sometimes with blood), swelling of the face and extremities, fever and blood pressure, weakness, thirst, etc. Only after the examination and medical examination you can choose the right tactics of treatment.
If you are diagnosed with pyelonephritis take antibiotics. Without them finally to cure infectious-inflammatory disease will not succeed. Drink a multivitamin prescribed by your doctor. Follow a diet aimed at improving the work of kidneys. Reduce salt intake, eliminate from the diet of smoked and spicy dishes. Drink at least three liters of liquids daily: water, fruit drinks, herbal teas and teas.
If diagnosed with kidney stones, your intake of b vitamins and magnesium preparations. However, the mainstay of treatment is diet. She is assigned depending on the type of stones. When oxalate and urate concrements eat the meat, vegetables (except radish and sugar beet), fruit (except citrus) and cereals. Avoid chocolate, cocoa and coffee. With phosphate stones do not eat dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Fish, meat, poultry, eggs and soups eat without restriction. Drink plenty of fluids.
If diagnosed glomerulonephritis, to take antihypertensive and corticosteroid drugs. Drink diuretic teas, herbal teas. The disease is considered to be quite heavy, so tune in long-term treatment. In advanced cases may require years of maintenance therapy.
One of the most serious violations is kidney failure. In this case, kidney can not cope with its function, resulting in the body of accumulated toxins and fluid, and increased blood pressure. Often medications are not effective. The main treatment of kidney failure is a transplant kidney. In the case where it is impossible for one reason or another (no donor; accompanying diseases, for which the risk of complications during surgery is too high; rejection of the donor kidney , etc.) is peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis.