Before you begin learning the movements of tango, pick appropriate music with a slow and constant rhythm. This may not be the only Argentine tango, but such tunes as the slow Foxtrot, Rumba, or even symphonic music.
Learn how to count the share of the four strokes. While unpaired samples THREE TIMES and must note the strong beats of the music and followed approximately one second apart.
Turn up the music, relax and close your eyes. Considering the proportion start motion on every major cut. After feeling the naturalness of motion of a body in a rhythm, open your eyes and walk around the room, stepping on each main part of music. Pick out this rhythm for several minutes. It will be the main rhythm of the tango.
Now go counterclockwise around the room. This is called "line of dance". Learning to move in the opposite direction, you will prevent collisions with other couples. Try the movements in the bypass table, or a chair, cross the center of the room and then return to the starting line. Do it all smoothly and easily.
Now learn the basic steps of the tango. To do this, first without music, walk around the room. Be sure to start the step with the forefoot. Imagine a predatory Panther, which stalks through the jungle. This will help to make your body more pliable, movements will become smooth and elegant.
Then, perform a movement back along the same line. The head turns to the side to always see where you are going. Usually, women always look to the right and men the left. Leg straighten a little more than usual when walking. Move the case back is also a little further – at first you may think it's unnatural, but with time you get used to it. This way you will avoid collisions with your partner in the lap.
Always keep weight over the front part of the foot, regardless of whether you go back or forward. To develop the muscles of the fingers, try to walk on their toes. This will contribute to the development of the habit to dance with the displacement of the hull forward. But not much carried away, because walking on eggshells too will tire your legs, it is better to use shoes with heels.
Try to dance with a partner (real or imagined), placing right hand. Lower the left hand on top of partner's hand on his bicep. The other hand to the side, as is done in all the ballroom dances.
Turn on the music and slowly move in her rhythm. Not too much strain. Try to get pleasure from movement as this will help you to quickly learn how to dance tango.