Select a suitable location to host the workshop. According to sanitary regulations, meat production should not be located in residential premises of the former kindergartens, rest homes. Consult a specialist in the meat industry, which will help you choose a room with a view of the characteristics of production.
Provide a venue where will be the storage of raw material, the thawing and preparation for processing. The shop must have a production room for making stuffing, heat the office, the warehouse, the sink empties. Household office equip toilet, locker room, showers, storage space for clothes.
If you prefer a quick start, stop your choice on the box representing a kind of mini-workshop in a small container. This butcher shop has already been designed taking into account requirements of sanitary-epidemiological services. Rent a plot of land, move to the monoblock the necessary communications. This solution is most suitable for rural areas.
Purchase or rent equipment for the meat shop. Cooling chamber with the optimal volume of 6 cubic meters shall be designed for a week's supply of raw materials. You will also need containers for the storage and processing of meat products, and tools for meat processing and other equipment, including cutting tables.
Hire staff: technologist, butcher for butchering and boning meat, accountant, dispatcher, part-time workers. The composition of employees may be different and is determined based on the scale of production. Provide combination of business functions where possible.
Conclude contracts for the supply of raw materials. For small meat production more profitable to deal with small individual or farms. Also provide mandatory verification of purchased products sanitary inspector or veterinary-sanitary laboratory market. Now your meat shop to start the work.