To choose the right name of the calendar will help Orthodox calendar

To choose the right name for the calendar, should adhere to the Orthodox calendar, in which each Saint or Holy is your date for the commemoration. It is believed that it is best to call a child by the name of the Saint on the day on which he was born. Usually the same day we commemorate some of the saints, therefore, parents have a choice of defender or protector for your baby.

Select the name of the child at baptism

What if the baby's gender is not the same as Paul saints, commemorated his birthday? Or do you want to name the baby the name of another Saint? In this case, there is a possibility to choose the child's name later. The Orthodox Church gives parents the opportunity to choose the name of the Holy or the Saint, commemorated on the 8th day from the date of birth of the baby (at the time of naming) or the baptism (within 40 days after the birth into the light).

To choose the right name for the calendar in the Internet

Today to choose the name of the calendar right easy. This can be done directly on the Internet. Among the vast amount of information available in the global network, the Orthodox calendar is no exception. If you in any circumstance are not inclined to trust the resource where I found information that it can be checked in other sources, including the official Orthodox sites. The guardian angel will not only protect and keep your baby, but it will help his soul to attain spiritual unity with their country and the people, to choose the right life path and keep on it for clarity of thought and peace of mind.