If you are a civilian

Employers have the right to dismiss an employee if his health is no longer able to fulfill official duties. When you hold a conclusion of the medical examination, which stipulates the prohibition on the execution of your professional duties, your employer can offer you another job and sign a new employment contract. But if there are no other jobs that you could take or you do not want to work, you can terminate the employment contract on the basis of this conclusion.
Before you leave, check out the collective agreement of the company where you work. It may provide additional payments to workers forced to retire for health reasons.

In this case, the action takes PP. "and" article 81 of the Labor Code under which the employee retiring for health reasons, can count on severance pay in the amount of fortnight average earnings. In addition, in the case where you used part of your vacation in advance, the employer cannot deduct sums of money, issued in the form of holiday.
Please note that if you are dismissed in accordance with paragraph 8 of article 77 of the labour code, severance pay you are not supposed to.

Compensatory payments to servicemen

The question of compensation in case of dismissal for health reasons, mostly for military personnel. If the damage to your health had suffered during military service, you can count on a large amount than it is in the civil service. In this case, the Federal law "On military pay and provide them with separate payments" and Government decree "About payment to the military personnel of the award for diligent and effective performance of duties and annual material aid" №993 dated 05.12.2011 G.

In this case, you put:
- allowance on the date you have been excluded from personnel lists of a military unit;
- lump sum payment in the amount of two monthly salaries, if you have served less than 20 years, and at the rate of seven salaries if the total length of military service was 20 or more years;
- cash payments in the amount of one salary cash allowance, if you replaced the military post;
award for flawless execution of your official duties.

In addition, you can also get the money instead of clothing that was put to you that year when you quit. But for this you also need to have more than 20 years of military experience in a calendar year.