You will need
  • - device for removal of bones;
  • blender with a nozzle for berries and fruits;
  • - sieve;
  • - alcohol;
  • - glucose;
  • - oak bark or a barrel.
The main and most common cause of bitterness is wine sediment, which is a recycled in the fermentation process of yeast. If it is not drained in time, it begins to rot and decay, which leads to an unpleasant taste. Unfortunately, in this case the wine will have to pour out, as from bitterness is not to get rid of, and for the use of such a wine is not good.
Another reason for the deterioration of wine taste poor quality of billet components for it. It can be a rotten berries or fruit, the presence of a mixture of crushed small twigs or leaves. To your wine had a pleasant flavor, correctly ripe and bitter, carefully collect all the material for laying. Yeast should be fresh, berries are clean and dry, no rot, stems and leaves.
To make the wine taste bitter can and bone contained in the fruit, therefore, it is desirable to get rid of. If you are using a class, to remove the core which is not possible (e.g., Rowan), berry blend a lot more carefully or wipe through a sieve. Another opportunity to save the wine from bitterness will be a pre-freezing these berries, then your drink will be a soft woody flavor.
If you and the sediment poured on time, and the material was prepared excellent, and the wine tastes bitter, try to pour it into a prepared oak barrel, add a high quality alcohol strength of not less than sixty degrees and leave in a dark place for about six months. If there is no barrel, then a bottle of wine, add a teaspoon of chopped oak bark for every three liters of fluid. Then it ocuparte and leave in a dark place for about six to seven months. After this time, remove the bottle, drain the wine from the rest, strain through cheesecloth and add half a tablespoon of glucose. Now the wine is ready to drink.