The law establishes a unified form of the journal of accounting movement waybills No. 8, which provides an opportunity for organizations and individual entrepreneurs to control the process of issue and return. Forms of primary documentation that have been developed and approved by the Government of the Russian Federation, are applied by organizations and individual entrepreneurs mandatory. This form shall be enforced by the head.
Place on the cover of the journal of accounting movement waybills the following information: name of organization/individual entrepreneur, bin, code of the company OKPO code according to OKUD, "Journal of accounting movement waybills", specify the period of registration. The back side of the magazine seal with the seal and signature of the head.
Complete your log sheets in a consistent way, in the form of tables of columns that have such names: the waybill number, vehicle make, registration number, name of driver, date of departure/arrival, speedometer reading, the actions taken. Fill in each column appropriately, and disclose information stated in its title.
Enter in the journal the persons responsible for its management and proper clearance. These persons for confirmation of their authority must sign in the appropriate box.
Log waybills regardless of how long they are issued. If the waybill has an action over an extended period, specify this in the note.
Journal of accounting movement waybills, with proper design, will be a source of information in the control of the driver, the basis of his wages and payments for carriage.