There are a number of spots that wash off with ordinary powder it's almost impossible that the blood stains, grease, grass, ballpoint pen. In this case, you need to use the tricks of the trade that take seasoned hostess.

How to withdraw blood

If blood stain is fresh, then send it a stream of water, you can also use soap. Difficulties arise in the case if the stain is old. Armed with the usual glycerin that has to be heated (on the stove or in the microwave). Using cotton pad, apply glycerine on the stain and RUB it. Then rinse thing.

How to get stains

A grease spot can be easily "planted" during the meal, so most people are faced with this problem. If you notice the stain immediately, pour salt on it for a few hours. Then carefully with a brush clean the salt from the clothes. From vegetable oil stains are removed with the help of iron. On the reverse side of the clothing put a sheet of paper, pre-rolled a few times, and go stain the iron.

How to pull the handle with white clothes

On the white shirt or the pants noticeable every speck. To remove ink from clothing you can try using any detergent, which is composed of chlorine. To remove ballpoint ink from jeans by using cotton pad, soaked in Cologne.

How to draw a grass

To help you come ordinary vinegar 6% or 9%. Apply vinegar to the stain and leave the thing for an hour, then wash it in the washing machine. You can get rid of stains and using a normal washing powder. Laundry pre-soak stained clothing, and carefully prosteride her in his arms, then run the washer.

How to get red wine stain?

If the stain is fresh, you should water it with boiling water until, until it's gone. In the case if the contamination is old, then try to scrub it with a cotton disk soaked in alcohol or vodka. You can also try to wipe dirty place with a piece of lemon and then rinse thing.

Remember that any old stain to be removed is much more difficult, so do not delay, do not procrastinate this matter.