The "sports" included in the package - bodychanneland "NTV +", a signal which goes from the satellite Eutelsat w4. Install first signal from the satellite. To do this, use the remote control to go to "Menu", then "Install". Select it and click the right arrow. Set the frequency at which broadcasts the satellite (10750 MHz). Then set the network search to ON, all other settings leave default. Click "Install software", then "OK". After you configured all parameters, click the "auto configuration NTV+". Click OK to save the changes and exit the menu.
Click manual settings. In the line "Transponder" add parameters channela: frequency 12398.78 right circular polarization, the velocity of the received flow of 27500. Do not forget to specify the name of the desired channeland "Sport".
The sports channel is in the package "Tricolor TV". Check the remote control after reading in the instructions about the purpose of each button. Many coded channels must be reset. Go to menu in "Settings", then "Factory settings" and press the red button to reset the receiver.
To configure the channel "Sports" you will be able in two stages. First, search in automatic mode. When you turn on the receiver in the zero state opens automatically guided setup. Follow the instructions, pressing each time the "Next"button.
Go to the manual mode by pressing the menu line "Manual search". Change the settings, putting: frequency 12245.34 MHz vertical polarization. Next, click on "Start search". After the channel "Sports" is found, exit the menu by pressing repeatedly the Exit button.
Find out about the bodychannele Sport 1, which broadcasts in HDTV format. Configure channel following settings: frequency 12380 MHz, vertical polarization.