You will need
  • - the remote control.
Enable automatic setup of the channels on your TV. This is usually done by pressing the appropriate menu button on the front panel or remote control. This will start an automatic search of channels that are available to you for viewing in accordance with your paid provider services on television. Automatic channel search may take a long time depending on their allowable amount. Please note that this method may not be suitable for those who are accustomed to a particular sequence of channels, because it can be off.
Enter the channel settings manually. To do this, switch the channel to a free, enter configuration mode and specify the channels by means of special tools the parameters of the channel "Football". The search can also take some time.
Note also that there are alternative ways of viewing of the channels, it refers to coded elements on the satellite TV. In this case, you need to find in the Internet the code for the channel "Football" and enter it in the emulator of the receiver. To enter, there are special codes for each model separately. Often these actions are repressed by the providers of satellite television, since it violates the terms of use of services.
You can also use the sharing function to access the viewing of encrypted channels associated with different access card, it is comfortable enough and is not an illegal act.
If the channel "Football" is not available for viewing on your TV, contact your provider of television services and learn about possible inclusion in the list of channels that it provides to you for viewing.