Advice 1: How to call a girl with the middle name Alexandrovna

Psychologists believe that the child's name influences its character. And the middle name carries the genetic information. It is able to mitigate or aggravate the traits formed under the influence of a name. Therefore it is very important not just to choose a baby name, but to combine it with a middle name.
How to call a girl with the middle name Alexandrovna
Choosing the name of the girl with the middle name Alexandrovna, we must remember that they are spirited, gentle, kind, sometimes obstinate, but at the same time impulsive and impetuous (first do something, and then thinking about the act). In addition, they are more argumentative and gardecki. Sociable, but they love freedom and stubbornness. Very addicting nature and often change their preferences.
To mitigate the negative traits that will give the baby the middle name Alexandrovna, you should pick up her softly – sounding name- Irina, Svetlana, Natalia, Vera, Elena, Alina, Amina, Pauline, Juliana – holders which have a flexible and calm nature. Soft or melodious names contain vowels and consonants conomie "l", "m", "n".
Please note that the names that have solid paired voiced consonants (especially in combination with "p") contribute to the formation of the girl's strong, persistent and firm character. It's names like Joan, Daria, Darina, Bozena, Bogdan. They will strengthen the obstinacy and love of freedom, which are inherent to the owners middle names Aleksandrovna.
Be sure to consider what time of year your born Aleksandrovna. Girls with this middle name, born in the winter, have a male character, so it is especially important to give them a "soft" names. "Spring" and "summer" Alexandrovna impressionable, insecure and vulnerable. They use a more "solid" names. And "autumn" as whole people, come and those and others.
Pick a name, so it was easy to talk by itself and was in tune with the middle name. If the name is a lot of consonant sounds uttering it in conjunction with the patronymic Alexandrovna (where the same cluster of consonants) will be difficult.
If you choose for the girl a rare name, do phonosematic analysis. To do this, invented a special program that will help you to understand what type of reaction will cause the phonetic sound of a name with patronymic.
Traditionally, the patronymic Alexandrovna suitable names Valeria, Marina, Maria, Catherine.

Advice 2: How to call a girl by first name

Almost all parents are faced with a choice,the child's name. It should be noted, this choice is difficult, because the name determines the fate of man. Choosing a baby name, parents have different beliefs, fashion trends, family traditions, and even political views, but we should not forget about the middle name of the child.
Father and daughter
In hospitals of Germany has a certain tradition: as long as the child is not named, the mother has no right to leave the hospital. After all, vpisyvayas, the mother receives a special child document (like a passport), which must be mentioned his name. In our country to register the name of the baby in the registry office within one month after his birth. Otherwise, disputes and litigation with the child, which is routed right to name the child at their discretion. In order to correctly identify your child, it is important to listen to some advice.
Choosing a baby name based on patronymics, you must follow certain rules. First of all, name and patronymic must be in perfect harmony with that first name and go well with the surname. As for the couple name, it would be better, if a given pair of R will be contained in a single copy – either in name, or middle name, for example, Maria Ivanovna, Veronica Pavlovna. This is an optional rule, but it will be more convenient to apply to a person when he grows up. In addition, the ridiculous combination of unique (rare) names with rustic names, for example: Angelica Potapova. In this case a beautiful range of sound must be respected.
Any name definitely has a meaning, and the expectant mother you should definitely read the directory names. From this book you can find a lot of useful and interesting things, and in the end, to choose. Even the most ordinary names can have a very interesting value, for example, the girl's name Larisa Chayka and Marina "of the sea , and they come to the patronymic Alexandrovna.
As for the names of distant or deceased relatives, it is important not only to look at the first name, but also to follow the basic rules:- in any case it is not necessary to assign the baby a name of a deceased relative, the more of the deceased is not his death, who died from a serious illness or has lived a very unfortunate, though the name and patronymic will be in harmony, but as they say "fate is transmitted through the name ;
- if you have any friend with that name and patronymic, which you prepare for your child, ask – are your familiar with his name and his life if he thinks that his life could have turned out differently if he had another name, more in tune with the middle name.
Some Alekseevny serious about metaphysics. Female names of the patronymic A.: Anastasia, Angela, Anna, Barbara, Galina, Claudia, Larissa, Love, Hope, Svetlana. See also female names and their values. The girls, whose fathers name is Antony, it is necessary to choose "hard" names to compensate for the softness of nature more solid features. Female names of the patronymic Antonovna: Valeria, Daria, Ekaterina, Marina.
Useful advice
Either a name or a patronymic is often distorted, and people anxiously waiting for his call this time. It is not necessary to give their children names of deceased relatives, especially of the tragically deceased. It is not necessary to give names to honor grandparents. The girl should not call the name of the mother - it would be difficult to find a common language. The influence of patronymics. Patronymic carries genetic information - something that is inherent by nature and passed down from generation to generation.

Advice 3: What do you call a boy with middle name A.

When you select a name for the baby it is important to consider many things. In particular, we cannot ignore such factors as its compatibility with a middle name. Name and patronymic is able to influence the destiny of man, and if they will approach each other, their owner will have good luck.
What do you call a boy with middle name A.
Choosing a baby name with the initials, "A.", it is necessary to consider that the middle name refers to the soft. You can either enhance softness giving the baby a similar name (Michael, Ilya) or choose a firm name (Igor, Peter). In the second case the stiffness a little neutralized, as a result the person will be more harmonious, will not be prone to extremes.
Make a list of male names that you like. Cross off the list the names of the dead and had the unfortunate fate of their relatives. Alternately, say every name from the list, adding the patronymic "A.". Select those options that seem good.
Find out the values of the selected names, and choose which one you would like to give my son. Want to see his kind and sincere - what is Stepan. If you care that he was an optimist by nature, look to the name "Dennis". I wish that son grew up wise and humane, - select the name "Fedor".
Try not to choose too long a name. With a middle nameconsisting of five syllables, it will sound awkward. For example, listen how sound the combination of "Konstantin Alekseevich", "Stanislav Alekseevich". Not very nice, isn't it? Better pay attention to short and sonorous names: Victor, Paul, Ivan.
Do not choose a name ending in "th". Such names do not combine well with a middle namethat starts with a vowel.
If you can't decide, refer to the Church calendar. Since ancient times, people name their children according to the calendar, believing that by doing so, provide them with the protection of the patron Saint.
With a name given by you, the child will live for many years. Naming it in honor of an idol of Africa or a political leader with a tricky name, you can ruin the child's life. Think carefully before choosing the baby name.

Advice 4: As for the middle name to choose a baby name

Select a name to the baby's parents begin to wonder even before his birth. Usually choose from two versions – for girls and boys. When choosing, it is important to consider not only your preferences, fashion names, the calendar, the wishes of relatives, but also how the name is conformable with middle name.
As for the middle name to choose a baby name
Select a few most suitable names for your baby. With them you'll work on. Note that the ancestors are advised to call the child the name of a deceased relative with hard life or a short life, because the child can repeat his life. As well as the name of the parent, because a newborn will pick up through the name of energy namesake and guardian angel have more work. To follow these beliefs or not, you choose.
Now start to pronounce them together with the middle name. If the middle name is long, then pick a short name. If the middle name consists of a small number of letters, on the contrary, the name should be long. Pick up a harmonious combination of sounds in a name-patronymic, consider the ease of pronunciation.
Stick to the following rules: when the first name starts with a consonant sound, the name must begin with a vowel. If the first name starts with a vowel, on the contrary, find the name of the consonant (Nikita Pavlovich – a good combination, but Artem Pavlovich – no). In addition, the intersection of name and patronymic should not be a lot of consonants or repeating of the same sound (Georgy Gavrilovich, Ilya Yakovlevich).
Pick a name in which the stress falls on the same syllable as in the middle name (Anna sounds a lot nicer and easier than Maria Yuryevna).
To soft-sounding patronymics (p., S.) pick up the names with a hard sound (Mary, Anton, Anna), and, on the contrary, with "strong" middle names (D. G.) most successful will combine soft-sounding names (Ilya, Polina, Ksenia).
Pay attention to the nationality of a name and patronymic. The combination of different cultures would sound awkward and sometimes even comical, and further unprofitable to draw attention (Violetta Ivanovna, Ivan elizarovich, Ludwig Gavrilovic). One should not name your baby the name of a Fantasy character (Anakin), try to avoid combinations of name and patronymic of public people (Vladimir Putin, Alla).

Advice 5: How to call a girl with the middle name D.

Before you choose the name of the girl with the middle name D. the need to meet a combination of different names with this surname. Itself middle name D. says that the girl will grow up independent, it will have an active, complex character, sometimes with an abundance of masculine traits. Dmitrievna seek to lead, often jealous. But they are motivated and able to achieve your goals.
How to call a girl with the middle name D.
Here are some of the most successful combinations of names with the middle name Dmitrievna. Anastasia D. - this girl will have a fine spiritual nature, it will be easy to converge with people. This is a man of moods. Only if she's in a good mood, it will help with the housework and do what you love. Anastasia D. love the festive atmosphere around him, for the man she loves, she can every day to turn into a celebration. She will be a faithful wife and loving mother.
Irina D. has a complex and contradictory character. In relation with strangers behaves awkward, it is difficult to get into the trust. She used to show independence, but often lacks decisiveness. She is talented loves to dance and sing. Irina D. is loyal to his friends, and later - to her beloved. Will be a good hostess. Irina D. loves animals. She always seeks justice.
Kamila D. - as a child, calm and agreeable, happy parents with their success in school, creative or scientific research. Kamila D. to devote his life to religion or science. She loves loneliness, long lives with his parents. In my family, Camila D. is able to maintain a relaxed atmosphere of warmth and coziness. She doesn't like conflict and prefers to solve all contentious issues through candid conversations. Kamila D. is kind, caring and calm.
Anna D. in early childhood is committed to beauty. It is important for both external and internal beauty. She has impeccable taste, she is always well dressed and coiffed. Her fragile soul, she's experiencing betrayal, treason, lying to loved ones. Anna D. can not always protect themselves, so she needs a companion, a strong shoulder which she can always hide. Anna D. generous, kind, and punctual.
Tatiana has a strong character, ability to stand up for themselves. She will become a leader in any company. Tatiana does not like when her mind, so often surrounds yourself with friends with more weak and pliant character. It easily reaches the heights in career, in positions of power. Tatiana loves the praise, compliments. In the family she is too domineering, the children and the husband is sometimes afraid of her.

Advice 6: How to call a July girl

July — mid summer. The children born at this time, are soft and compliant. The July girls are often too emotional and easy to mood shifts. With the help of well-chosen name can be slightly adjusted character.
How to call a July girl
The July girls are very easy to outside influence, any confident person can greatly affect their Outlook. In addition, these girls are very persistent and active in achieving their goals, unless of course, they realize their importance, and with that people born in July can be difficult. Unfortunately, the July children are often unable to prioritize, it is difficult to focus on one issue, it is difficult to make a choice from several more or less equivalent options, and we can talk about insignificant things. This often hinders them in life.
It is from girls born in July grow up to be wonderful wives and mothers. Is important to them family and home. Very often family life (caring for home, children, husband) becomes for them the meaning of life. The extreme vulnerability and emotion of the July girls are forced to look for them in the family circle support, protection and comfort, a house for them - a place where you can hide from a harsh and unjust world. That is why in their homes often has a unique warm atmosphere.
At the July children as they grow up often have serious problems with my career. Sometimes they may overlook good options because of their doubt and insecurity. Such people are difficult to create change, they almost always cause them stress and pain, even if everything in life is changing for the better.
To make the life of a girl, born in July, a little easier, you need some way to give it rigidity, self-confidence, structure. The easiest way to do this using a name. However, it should not be totally disharmonious with soft nature girl, otherwise she may just not accept.
Most suitable for energy names for girls born in July are Sophie, Antonina, Maria, Daria, Arina, Valery, Inna, Mary, Helen, Margaret, Olga and Anastasia. These names add to its owners confidence and courage to help make choices easier and faster decisions. It is advisable not to use the diminutive forms of these names, because they do not have such a "collecting" effect.
The July girls are not suitable for the following names: Catherine, Anna, Veronica and Alevtina. They are too hard and do not harmonize with the soft, unobtrusive power inherent in people born in July.

Advice 7: What do you call a boy with the middle name Ilich

When you select a name for a child should be guided not only by its beautiful sound, but in combination with the middle name. Correctly chosen combination will provide not only a harmonious consonance, but also a beneficial effect on the fate of the child.
choosing a name for a boy
When choosing a name for your baby, you should not forget about that middle name, too, has no less influence on the destiny and character of the child. The first name of man – a kind of repository of genetic information, which indicates the belonging to a particular genus.
With corrective, patronymic able to add, clarify or mitigate those traits that are manifested in man under the influence of his name. For this reason, when choosing a baby name is very important to check the result of combining it with the middle name.

Sounding middle name

Middle name, the pronunciation of which requires strict articulation, are "solid": F., I. N., etc.; more easily pronounceable middle name belong to soft: Ilich, M., E.. So, for example, choosing a name for a boy with soft patronymic Ilyich, the first is to remember balance the combination of name and patronymic: an overabundance of soft syllables may impose a corresponding print on the character of the baby.

The origin of the name and patronymic

The best combination of given names and middle names taken from one language: Greek, Hebrew, Latin or Slavic – they provide the most harmonious sound. The patronymic is Ilyich, having a Hebrew origin, will go well with the names of the same language: Michael, Jacob, Daniel, Simon, Ivan, Matthew, Zachary.

The combination of the number of syllables

The best combination of a name and patronymic gives a smooth distribution of the sounds and letters in different amounts of syllables: short long middle names are good names, and Vice versa: Konstantin Lenin, Grigory Ilyich.
However, the combination of the same number of syllables also gives good results: Pyotr Ilyich, Ivan Illich, Yuri Ilyich.
Choosing a name for a boy with a patronymic Ilyich, it is worth remembering that it is not recommended duplication of the name: it is not necessary to call a child by the name of his biological father, thereby putting his fate a part of my father's programs.

The same applies to the names of the celebrities: a combination of first name and patronymic, which at all on hearing will have their own energy, which can affect the fate of the child is not the best effect.
A boy with a patronymic Ilyich, named Vladimir or Leonid will be seen through the prism of behalf of the respective famous people, partially losing their own individuality.

The combination of the name value

The patronymic is Ilyich has a certain effect on the character of the child: as a General rule. all the Gun – suffering, gentle, rather quiet, friendly people. Therefore, in order to give the character some of the characteristics of hardness, you can choose the appropriate name: Alexander, Yuri, Sergei, Roman, Borys, Taras.

Advice 8: How to call a girl with the middle name V.

Originally a patronymic (the name of the father") was typical of the inhabitants of Ancient Greece and is mentioned only on special occasions. These were formal and respectful address to the man. In the Russian nominal system, the middle name is a separate item, so pick a name to it carefully: the phrase should be sonorous and beautiful.

Suitable names for girls Victorovna

Experts believe that the middle name of the person important genetic information. It is transmitted through generations and has a major influence on its owner. Correctly picking the patronymic name, it is possible to adjust the fate of: mitigating or exacerbating certain traits.

Middle name V. category of "soft." People are very sociable, easy to adapt to new circumstances. Girls with the middle name V. are calm, patient, tidy. They know how to create and maintain the comfort, love to host guests, are friendly and happy to help others. Of the negative traits experts say envy. However Victorovna know about his "Vice" and struggling to overcome it.

The most suitable names for baby girl with the middle name V. are Galina, Alina, Valentina, Oksana, Maria. Of the less familiar perfectly Venus, Maya and Ella. The positive impact on the person with the middle name V. will have Inna, Zoe, Claudia, Nina, Love.

A modern approach to the choice of name

Not every modern parent is suited to the selection name thoroughly. The main criterion for many is the position of the "like – dislike". If names for girls with the middle name V., selected by experts, you don't fit the "look" of their own.

The important point in choosing a first name for middle name V. is the harmony of sound. A beautiful phrase pleasant to the ear, be comfortable and simple to pronounce. Preferably, the junction of the middle name and the name wasn't the clusters the same or similar-sounding letters. Also avoid frequent repetition of consonant sounds. Like for example "R" in combination Margarita Viktorovna.

Called the girl with the middle name V. better not very long names. This will facilitate the pronunciation, combination get comfortable and "easy". For example, Olga/Julia V. sound simply and quietly than Vic or Ekaterina.

Today very popular are also unusual names. Many of them are rarely combined with Russian patronymics. However, to V. perfect Milan, Emilia, Elina Ilaria and others.

If the proposed names did not fit the little girl with the middle name V., guided by the day or month of her birth. This method is used by many young parents. The orientation on things often helps to choose a sonorous and successful name.

Advice 9: How to call a girl, born in October

October — a month which almost entirely takes place under the sign of Libra. Girl born in mid-autumn, are integrity and independent lifestyle. Well-chosen names allow to add feminine softness.
How to call a girl, born in October

Features the October girls

Born in October, people draw a clear line between business and friendly relations. They are very pragmatic, cautious and practical. They are good at doing business, even if they start from zero, quickly hit all the costs. From the October women make good leaders.

Girls, born in October, often easy to meet people. For the sake of their real friends they are ready for crazy things. But with relatives they do not always build relationships. It is likely, that these girls are trying to look at the world objectively looking at people and different situations from different positions, respectively, even close relatives are seen as ordinary people with their merits and demerits. Integrity girls, born in October, does not allow them to close their eyes to some of the actions and decisions of the family, which often leads to unpleasant and violent showdown in the family.

All decisions of the October girls are always thought out and balanced, they are not prone to hasty conclusions. It can sometimes they even interfere, because doing so dulls emotions. As a result, in situations where the mind is not the best adviser, born in October, don't know how to act.

How to choose a name?

October often women become the heads of their families, preferring to control all aspects of his life. They constantly motivate their spouse to grow and change, but the actual power in the relationship, they can't transmit. If the family has some trouble, the October women ready to work on relationships to make unimaginable efforts to "fix". However, they will never forgive betrayal, treason or cowardice.

Of women born in mid-autumn, make a good, albeit strict mother. They diligently engaged in the development of their children, looking for good kindergartens and schools, children write in different circles. October women try to provide their children with everything necessary and ready to put a lot of effort.

Top names for girls born in October, are Sophia, Irina, Anna, Polina, Veronica, Zdata, Ariadne, Pelagia and Marianne. All these names have a very soft, feminine energy, which can soften and smooth the sharp facets of the October girls.
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