Choosing the name of the girl with the middle name Alexandrovna, we must remember that they are spirited, gentle, kind, sometimes obstinate, but at the same time impulsive and impetuous (first do something, and then thinking about the act). In addition, they are more argumentative and gardecki. Sociable, but they love freedom and stubbornness. Very addicting nature and often change their preferences.
To mitigate the negative traits that will give the baby the middle name Alexandrovna, you should pick up her softly – sounding name- Irina, Svetlana, Natalia, Vera, Elena, Alina, Amina, Pauline, Juliana – holders which have a flexible and calm nature. Soft or melodious names contain vowels and consonants conomie "l", "m", "n".
Please note that the names that have solid paired voiced consonants (especially in combination with "p") contribute to the formation of the girl's strong, persistent and firm character. It's names like Joan, Daria, Darina, Bozena, Bogdan. They will strengthen the obstinacy and love of freedom, which are inherent to the owners middle names Aleksandrovna.
Be sure to consider what time of year your born Aleksandrovna. Girls with this middle name, born in the winter, have a male character, so it is especially important to give them a "soft" names. "Spring" and "summer" Alexandrovna impressionable, insecure and vulnerable. They use a more "solid" names. And "autumn" as whole people, come and those and others.
Pick a name, so it was easy to talk by itself and was in tune with the middle name. If the name is a lot of consonant sounds uttering it in conjunction with the patronymic Alexandrovna (where the same cluster of consonants) will be difficult.
If you choose for the girl a rare name, do phonosematic analysis. To do this, invented a special program that will help you to understand what type of reaction will cause the phonetic sound of a name with patronymic.
Traditionally, the patronymic Alexandrovna suitable names Valeria, Marina, Maria, Catherine.