There is something in the name of Agatha mystical, unusual. No wonder the so-called fairy in one of the Polish fairy tales. The old Slavonic version of the name Agatha - Agatha. Suitable middle names: Aleksandrovna, D., A., K., L., L., Romanova.

Since childhood, Agatha, active, cheerful. Their impressive all around. The mood changes as the movement of the swing: then plummeted down, then abruptly takes off. The girl lives your inner world, writing on the course of different adventures. In real life the fearlessness and curiosity of Agatha often cause trouble to their parents.

Lateral thinking logic and the innate ability to notice the smallest details in people and the environment can help agate to become a great psychologist or a lawyer. Unbridled charm and incredible sense of humor to include people, especially people of the opposite sex. When dealing with men on an equal footing, the girl seemed not to notice the courtship. Love grown-up Agatha's reserved and modest, may be a long time to save my feelings, not daring to Express them.

Authority for Agatha is the father, and the father's level of relationship depends on future family life. Financial stability is extremely important, so the partner needs to be able to support a wife and children. In marriage the girl is faithful and caring, listen to all the spouses, but the increased thirst for justice may be the reason for resentment. Jealous blindness, Agatha husbands do not forgive even a light flirtation.

One of the positive features - planning. Becoming a mother, Agatha distributes the time to all the time, and she manages it. Children will be dressed, shod, fed and trained. For own education and education of children of Agatha do not regret neither forces, nor money.

The birthday charms and the planet - patron

Agatha celebrates a birthday in the fall - November 11 in the winter and 6 and 10 January, 18 February. But the mascots have summer Maritime theme: Dolphin, Seagull, water Lily, sea green and blue stones such as aquamarine, amethyst and Topaz.

Best zodiac sign for the name of the Fish. The element is water. Swimming and various water treatments to treat and restore mental strength. Planet-patron: Neptune. It manifests in the name of sensitivity, reverie and intuition.

Work with men's names

The most similar energy have Alexey, Arseny, Vadim, Yemelyan, Ignat, Maxim, Paul, Eric, Thomas. Lasting marriage with Agatha provided men with the names: August, Adrian, Tom, Valery, Vlad, Vitali, Constantine, Leo, Peter, Roman, Ruslan, Rostislav, Simon.

To win her, you must show the utmost persistence. Words this girl will not catch, you have to prove feelings, deeds and generous gifts. Boyfriend be aware that agates quite meticulous about their innocence. Touch will be allowed only after official registration of marriage.