You will need
  • playing cards
"SIC Bo" is one of the most ancient gambling dice. In it there are several types of bets: a specific amount of rooms, more/less, for every triplet, a combination of three identical numbers to the combination of two identical numbers, bet on the number and dominoes.
Prepare a dice numbered 1 to 6 (the sum of opposite faces is always equal to 7). You also need a table with a special layout and Popper (a special device for throwing dice). The number of players in this game are not limited.
Your task in the course of the game is to guess the alignment of the cubes. Place your bet (the host of the game usually introduces the newcomers with the types of bets), then wait until other players put money on the line.
Once all bets are taken, the lead presses the Roll button on the Popper, and then randomly the combinations of the three dice. If an occurred combination of points equal to the number of points on your bet, you win (win is granted usually in monetary terms)!
"Sica" is the game card. To participate in it not only in casinos but also at home. Number of players — from 2 to 10. Prepare a regular deck of cards. Deal the cards: 1 per player. Before the players look at their cards, they must bet money (bet).
If you are sitting to the left of the banker (host), start walking. Do not place the bet below the pass through amount is the last bidding amount. After the others made bets, open the card along with all the others.
This is done as follows: raising, or equalize the previous bet, are you saying you open one of the players. Opening the map of the other participant, to any one but you can't be looking at (even to their owner – if he's playing blind).
You will be the winner in the case when the number of points your cards exceeds the number of opponent's points. Otherwise or in case of equality, you lose.
The game lasts until then, until there are 2 participants. They can raise rates up to a predetermined maximum amount. If you reached this stage, when comparing rates hidden card and compares the glasses. If you have a winning combination, your Bank!
If the end of the game you opponent was an equal number of points, you have to declare the "Quarrel" - to deal the cards again and play the Bank. Each of the players who took part in this party, allowed to participate in "broil". For this you need to put in the Bank half in the amount.