The design of the project does not consist of one file or picture. As a rule, completed projects represent a large set of files that form the General design of the website. This takes into account not only the main page and all other web pages relating to the project. Also include pictures that represent some icons and media files, articles and more. All of this is in the design of thee site.
To copy the template of your site, you need to upload the files that are on the hosting server. If you have the engine, then on the second project you need to put the same mechanism so that it can be attached future design. At this point in time modern technology engines allow you to use multiple templates, you can switch between them from admin panel. This procedure takes a few seconds.
Find the folder "Patterns" or Templates. In different engines category can be named differently. You need to copy all the category folders and files from the server. To begin, save them on the local drive of a personal computer. To throw design to another site, you need to copy the template files. Use the admin panel. Don't forget that in addition to the system files must be all graphical file, otherwise the system will incorrectly display the website.
If you need to copy the design of the site, consisting of one or more html pages, you can just use the default settings of the browsers. Visit the page of the website. Next, click the right mouse button and choose source. You see the entire html code of the page. Save it as index.html. If the website has pictures, copy them to your computer. Then transfer it all to your hosting server.