In order to put an advertising banner on a site located on the CMS Ucoz, to get started, log in to the admin division of the resource by entering account information in the login form. After this go to the control panel site. In this panel, find the section called "File Manager" and open it. Then work on the banner. Download a graphical image of the future of the advertising block or on the hosting of the system Ucoz, or any photohosting. The link for the file that you downloaded copy and paste into the window any text editor.
After manipulation of the banner go to the main page of your website. When you log on under the administrator account in the top bar will appear. Find the button "Designer" and press. Then in the opened window click on "add block". Appears the module you need to move to any part of your web resource and secure. Don't forget to open the properties of this object and name it (e.g. "Advertising"). This name will be displayed on the website, so be careful when entering. Then navigate to the settings you just created the ad unit.
In the settings panel, select HTML. In the opened window you will see a text box. In that case, if it is filled any code, erase it. After that, go to the website of the affiliate program, which has provided you with a banner and copy the html code. Then paste the copied text into the field you created in the "Designer" module. If the banner is not interesting to you in terms of profit, but in terms of increasing attendance (the so-called mechanism for the exchange of banners between sites), then paste into the module the following text: < a href="Link to website"> < IMG SRC="link to the previously uploaded image (in step 1)"alt="Title banner" border="0">