Advice 1: How to tactfully refuse a permanent provider

Even business relationships are based primarily on the benefit, I assume some of the privileges for regular business partners with whom you associate, the years of cooperation. In this case you yourself may be unpleasant refusal, and, at the same time, you want to maintain a normal relationship. Failure permanent supplier in the continuation of cooperation is easiest to take the form of letters, eliminating the awkwardness of a personal explanation.
How to tactfully refuse a permanent provider
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  • envelope.
It seems to be easy, you found the same product at a lower price, and you should refuse another supplier with whom you have established long time business cooperation. But in this case the usual phrase "we are forced to refuse further cooperation" can be misinterpreted and perceived as an insult. In the business world you should be respectful to their partners and avoid the complete severance of the relationship, so you should write a letter of rejection so that leave the possibility of cooperation in the future, it is possible that the terms of this cooperation in the future can be changed for your benefit.
First of all, it internally tune that nothing bad you do not intend to write, and the failure-to-business communication does not mean any offense. You and your regular partners to pursue their goals, they can match or not match, but each of you has the right to reach them any more profitable, optimal and rational ways. Your task is to refuse in the most tactful and correct form. To make it not so difficult.
When writing a refusal particularly important personal addressing. Start with this treatment: "Good day, dear Ivan Ivanovich!". Be sure to thank the partner for the business proposal, which he sent to your address or for long-term cooperation. Here it is necessary to make it clear that the proposal was carefully considered or that this cooperation has been useful to you. You want your addressee seen in the text, the facts and words that are familiar to him. This confirms the sincerity of your words.
Turning to the actual failure needs to be articulated clearly, and the refusal, and the reasons that prompted you to reject the proposal or to suspend further cooperation. For example: "currently, we are unable to accept your offer, because our company does not have the ability to purchase the proposed product for a specified price" or: "We are forced to temporarily abandon cooperation with You on this issue as we were offered more favorable conditions, allowing to increase the efficiency of our company."
The letter of refusal should contain a reference to alternative ways of cooperation in the future: "We hope that our cooperation will continue and we will remain partners and will be able to implement several new projects."

Advice 2: How to refuse without offending the person

Sometimes to refuse a man is not easy, especially if he insists on your help. Sometimes there is a choice: to comply with the request of the person by having a lot of difficulties and problems, or to refuse to hurt him.
How to refuse without offending the person
If there is a possibility for such a situation, think: why should asking for a waiver to be offended. Because usually ask that people do not have to. Therefore, offended by the failure silly. Sometimes it happens that someone provided a service and waits for a response, and in fact, this requirement, out of politeness clothed with the request. In this case the situation is more complicated, and the best solution – it will not fall, that is, not to accept services from a personthat you will be hard to repay anyway. Just offer a person assistance in some other form. If they refuse, write down it in a minus and in the future try to help. And draw conclusions in order not to get into trouble.
Most often the person who asks for something too hard, is a normal manipulator. Major services on his part was not and likely will not. Just the fact that you helped him once, for him sufficient reason to contact you again. And so on to infinity, kindness is punished. Sometimes you don't want to explain the reasons for the refusal, and rightly so. This can give beggars a reason to argue, and you can force lie that unpleasant. Delve into an explanation of personal circumstances you can force only the investigator, and then only in a limited number of cases. So don't complicate your life – decided to deny, deny, without explaining anything in detail. Just tell me – I can't, that's enough.
To soften the refusal, offer to help solve the problem differently. Tell me what you happy to help, but I can't in this situation to do as I ask. But differently can help, and will gladly do it. If the person who asks from you, respects your time and effort, he will not be offended. And the relationship with the fans to solve problems for others – not the relationships that really need to be protected.
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