To increase productivity, i.e. to achieve better results with less effort, in the following ways.
Strengthening the material-technical component of production. Automation of business processes, both core and support (including providing) will give a fairly sharp increase in productivity. And the use of modern equipment will increase the efficiency of utilization of human resources.
Modern enterprise management system, which is not only automating processes, but the mechanism of accumulation and knowledge management, will allow to increase productivity of employees – middle management level.
Reduction of the unit cost of products can be achieved by reducing the cost of non-industrial nature. Identify bottlenecks and points of unreasonable costs will help audit business processes of an enterprise.
The establishment of the methodology of normative-legal base of the enterprise will help to clearly set before the workers the task and to outline the scope of their professional duties. Due to this reduced the time spent on clarification of the objectives, the decision of any questions and disputes on the allocation of duties within related specialties. Defining the boundaries of functional areas and responsibility centers over the course of the process and its result – an important point to improve the efficiency of business management.
Improvement of work organization is an important factor. It addresses both the sanitary conditions and ethical component of the organization workplaces and places of recreation. The improvement of working conditions, organization of power in the office, etc. will reduce the consumption of time spent solving non-issues, as well as increase employee loyalty to the firm.
Orientation of social policy on the employee, the motivational component is the most relevant factor influencing the growth of productivity.
Increase employee loyalty to the firm, addressing issues of current and perspective development is one of the most effective ways to improve their productivity. The effect of informed participation in the Affairs of the company will give a serious impetus to increase activity of the employee.
All methods of performance management will not be fully effective unless there is developed system of indicators of its assessment and monitoring system for the results.