You will need
  • - personal card of the employee;
  • - documents confirming the new information about the worker.
Ask your employee to bring documents confirming change of personal information. If the employee changed the name in connection with the marriage, you need marriage certificate and new passport. Changing the address of the place of residence, address of temporary registration you will need the passport of the employee or a certificate of temporary registration. Make copies of documents brought. Place copies in the personal file of the employee.
Check in the employee's personal card information, old one feature, right or top carefully insert the new information. Next to them specify the details of the document on the basis of which was made of the change (marriage certificate, passport, etc.). Assure you made changes, that is, specify the position, enter his signature and the printed name and the date of any change.
Cross out the incorrect entry in the employee's personal card one neat feature, if you accidentally made a mistake in its design. Over the mistaken entry above or to the right, enter the correct information, next to it write "Corrected to believe" and assure correction by his signature.