Run the application through which you view the Internet resources. This is applicable for computers, tablets, laptops and netbooks, and mobile phones with advanced features.
Open the service page, which checks the performance of your connection, for example, or Click start test and wait a few minutes. The site will produce the desired calculations and display data on the communication speed. For more accurate results is to repeat several times the procedure. If you are connecting via a mobile device, keep in mind that the tests consume a certain amount of traffic, and with the limited package it is not necessary to check too often.
Please note that the results of testing the speed of access does not guarantee constant and unchanged width of the channel, especially when using different network resources. For example, a network game can run slow even for a wide channel, if the signal delay is large. The width of the channel does not guarantee that the download speed will be the same.
Another way to measure the width of the channel is to use a download Manager or torrent client with a disabled speed limit. This method is ill-suited to smartphone owners, but satisfied users of "older" computers. Download from the official website of the program of mu-torrent, Double-click on the downloaded file and install the utility.
Then start the browser and open the page is a free tracker no registration and with lots of dealer that you need to check. Go to "Top" and download any hand. Double-click the downloaded file to begin the download. Window opens mu-torrent, the bottom line which you will see download speed and upload speed they are marked with letters D: and U:. For a more accurate result, wait five to ten minutes.