You will need
  • - registration of LLC, joint venture, or sole trader;
  • - forms;
  • printing;
  • - SRO (self-regulatory organization);
  • office;
  • - business plan;
  • construction tools;
  • - technique.
To open a construction firm need to take care of her register, obtain permits, develop a business plan and organize a competent advertising company. To open a firm for individual entrepreneur and limited liability company. In the latter case you will need minutes of the meeting and the Charter. Do not forget to buy the forms and print and pay the state fee.
Since the beginning of 2010 obtaining a license for the provision of construction services cancelled, but need to be approved self-regulating organization. For this you will need to join it by submitting the necessary application and a package of constituent documents. The application for membership considered within 30 days. If the company will not permit, she faces a penalty of up to 50 thousand rubles.
And one important moment in the opening of the company tax system. Try to calculate which of the existing systems will be most beneficial to you.
Having dealt with the legal aspects, get organizational: choose a state, think about partners, contractors own crew of plumbing, plasterer, electrician and painter. Note - combination of subjects are not allowed.
Make a financial plan of your activities: expenses and income. The expenses indicate the amount required for the purchase of special equipment, machinery, construction tools, office rent, advertising, transport etc to reduce part costs, special equipment you can rent.
Usually the construction firm pays for one year, from which we can conclude that this business is rather profitable. Advertising can be done through the Internet using your own website, in free Newspapers and leaflets and, of course, with the help of reviews your customers.