You will need
  • register.
To trade used cash registers from different manufacturers. Among the most popular are the following: "AMC-100K", "Elves-Mikro-To", "mercury". The algorithm of actions for each will differ, however, set the date and time in any case must begin with removal of the Z report.
Make sure that the box office AMC-100K is in the working mode, the screen highlight zero. Press "CU", "1D" and enter the date in the format DD.MM.GG. Complete the operation keys of "BB" - "CU". Installation time is virtually the same, only instead of "1D" to choose "2V".
Begin by installing the correct date on the cash machine "Elves-Mikro-To" with the key "RE". On the screen you should see the word "Choice". Time can be entered after pressing the "X" and "APL". The need to preserve data, don't forget to confirm by pressing the "OPL".
Under the brand name "mercury" are cash registers different models, but for understanding the algorithm of actions is sufficient to consider one of them, for example, "mercury MS-K". Press "MODE" until the time appears on the screen "Hell---". The transfer time on this unit starts with the date adjustments. Players must take turns to change the day, month and year. Hit first, "it", and after the screen will display "Prog" - "X". You can now enter the day and month, confirming each value by pressing the key "PI". After installation of the year hit "it". Next, you need to adjust the time. The operation is similar to: enter hours "PI"; minutes - "it".