You will need
  • - wrench;
  • - hammer;
  • - hard brush;
  • - silicone grease.
Before starting repairs you must turn off the water in the riser. Remove the toilet tank lid. To handle this detail should be very careful because the covers are only sold complete with toilet.
Determine the type of failure. Some types of damage can be corrected even without disassembling the tank. One common problem is the flow is too small or too large amount of water in the drain tank. It can be solved by adjusting the float lever. Slightly bend the wire holding the float up or down, depending on the desired result. If necessary, you can replace the lever, making a new one from thick wire.
Another common problem is when water flows from the water pipes in the drain tank, not filling it. Check the position of the float bowl. If it is skewed and lies on the bottom - just stir it by hand in different directions. Correct locking klanen. If the problem remains unsolved will have to disassemble the tank.
Drain the water from the reservoir. Disconnect the float bowl from the inlet valve. To do this, remove the nut that secures the flush pipe, using a wrench. Loosen the nut of the siphon, located at the base of the tank. If you do it right the first time fails, try to loosen the flare nut lightly tapping it with a hammer. Remove the siphon.
Thoroughly clean all parts from dirt and lime with a stiff brush. Rinse under running water. Use scouring powders are not recommended.
Inspect the float. If its integrity is violated and the interior design was filled with water, the float must be replaced. For emergency repair you can resort to little tricks. Pour water from the bucket and pack it tightly in a plastic bag. Secure the package on the float lever.
Inspect the membrane of the siphon. If the membrane is damaged, the water will continuously flow from the tank into the toilet. If necessary, replace the gasket.
Carefully apply threaded connections with silicone grease. Assemble the tank in the reverse order. Turn on the water supply and verify that plumbing.