You will need
  • - writing paper, pen;
  • any Word or another text editor.
In the first stage, you should understand that your feelings are subjective and have little to do with objective reality. Your black band black just for you - because of the nature of your perception and assessment of certain circumstances, your life experience, expectations. An important role is also played by the quality of your personality traits, temperament, thinking and so on.
Literally: the Earth has not failed in a "black hole" because you got dumped or "downsized" at work. And all of these events – not universal catastrophe, even if it occurred at the same time. Rename your problem in the problem and start to solve it.
Take a pen and paper or open a text editor and analyze the reasons that served as the trigger for your current state. Write down literally everything that comes into your head about it: "I lack something.... I lost something or failed to do something... I was rejected by someone.... I'm swamped, with no end in sight....".
It will not solve the situation, but will help you more sober look at it, removing the emotional charge that turns even the ordinary circumstances of life into something apocalyptic. You should also take responsibility for what is happening, to fully realize and accept it – without dramatizing and maxims. Only you are responsible for what happens to you and only you to resolve the situation.
So, before you remove the black strip, sort your emotions. Then develop a phased plan to overcome difficulties (to find a new job, and so forth) and start to put it into practice. Think less about your woes and misfortunes (thoughts are material!), and the excess energy is better put into something more constructive.
The main reason for the occurrence of black stripe in my life – the discrepancy between current circumstances to your expectations. So, the most literate prevention of negative experiences is the rejection of high expectations about something and, most importantly, someone.