You will need
  • - tablet and installed the driver for it;
  • - Adobe Photoshop;
  • computer.
Create a new document using Ctrl + N. Select the options as indicated in the figure. This is a standard sheet of landscape A4 size. If after creating the illustration assumes typographic print, choose CMYK color mode, if it is intended solely for the Internet, RGB Express.
Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N), for convenience, name it "Background". Fill with light gray color to simulate the color of the plain paper. This is necessary only for convenience of perception.
On the next layer you'll have to draw. Again press Ctrl + Shift + N. Name it "drawing", so you do not get lost in the layers.
Now you need to configure the brush to mimic a pencil drawing, because to grasp the basics of drawing on your tablet easier with black-and-white graphics, and not with watercolors. To do this, open the brushes panel, select a pencil, increase its diameter up to 7-8 pixels and make the first strokes.

If the pen pressure is not installed by default, go to properties (the icon with three brushes or F5) and under "Administration" select "pen Pressure".

Turn down the opacity to 85-87%.

Brush color - #575555.
All the basic settings you have made. Now you need to get the hand. Error novice digital artists that they are from the beginning trying to draw every detail, but you should always start with creating a sketch, a schematic drawing, consisting of broad strokes.

So, put in front the ordinary spoon or put any simple figure. Large strokes to create outlines, without the fear of disturbing proportions. Gradually, trait for trait, you'll create a plausible sketch of the subject.
Without rotation of the sheet in the drawing can not do. In Photoshop there is such a possibility. Hold down the R button and rotate the leaf as you prefer.