You will need
  • microphone;
  • - Studio equipment;
  • computer.
In the professional sphere it is customary to connect the microphone to the mixing console. From there goes a cable to the amplifier and loudspeaker from which the sound is coming. The beginning of the volume control is on the remote.
Before enabling channel microphone get all the volume at minimum. Then turn on the channel and bring the total volume to the middle or slightly above, and only then adjust the volume of the channel. Continually monitor the volume level, speaking out loud anything. Especially suitable words with lots of hissing: they can find out whether the microphone hiss and whistling during speech or singing. If necessary, reduce its sensitivity.
The volume controls of the speakers are on the rear surface, at least in the front. This relay, which is marked as “Volume” or “Master Volume”. Control volumeu through the speakers of the speaker is extremely rare, as ample control with the remote. This measure is used if the speaker is enabled at minimum volume.
When working at the computer control is via the sound settings. To do this, click the right mouse button, hovering the cursor over the speaker icon. It is located in the right side panel of the desktop. Select "Mixer" (if it can be called "Open volume mixer". Adjusting the volume of the microphone located in one of the parameters of the window.
The mixer on the computer can also be opened via control Panel. Select the component "Sound" and then follow the steps just above the instructions.