You will need
  • - hacksaw;
  • roulette;
  • - polyurethane;
  • - the file;
  • test line;
  • jig - saw;
  • - the drill.
Countertop put on the table cabinets. Leave a small distance between her and a high Cabinet or side wall. Also provide a clearance of 5 mm from the back wall. If you mount the countertop in l-shaped kitchen, connect the two sections back to back, but don't use gusset. At this stage you can make the top wider or narrower.
Measure the countertopwith a tape measure to one edge of the floor of the Cabinet, add a place for the invoice panel, and the protrusion is equal to 2, see If you plan to use for cutting with a hacksaw, construction pencil mark on the front side of the tabletop. When using mechanical saws make markings on the underside.
For cutting the countertops by hand recommended to use a saw with fine teeth. In order to avoid a schism over the sawn area, apply duct tape. If you use for cutting circular saw, turn the worktop face down and set her a straightedge that will ensure the accuracy of the cut. Treat the cut edge with a file.
Install the countertop and the bottom of it mark a place for the Cabinet to make it easier managed to do the correct hole for the sink. Then the sink upside down and attach to the lower surface of the tabletop. Aligning her position from all sides, draw a pencil along the edge. Take a pencil and a straightedge and held inside the outline and draw a line cut in accordance with the instructions attached to the sink.
Put the top the part that is intended for placing the sink on the goats. In each of the four corners along the lines of the cutout, drill the holes for the blade of a jigsaw and saw a hole under the sink.Along the cutout lines apply with a brush a layer of polyurethane, otherwise the moisture will penetrate the slice and ruin the countertop.
The top is again set in its place. Make sure that the top rail Cabinet does not overlap the hole for the sink. Install the sink according to the instructions, after removing and flipping over the tabletop.
Return the countertop with mounted sink in place and secure using the attached fasteners.