If the task is set in the kitchen, stone or glass countertop, it makes sense to seek help from professionals, as data elements of a kitchen are very expensive and their installation involves the use of very specific tools. But with the installation of countertops made of particleboard, any person who is able to hold electric jigsaw, problems should not arise.

Business of the master afraid!

The first thing to undertake before carrying out work to find a suitable colored material, which will be covered by the countertop. This laminating material is made of plastic, should be of high quality and is securely glued to the chipboard based worktops. It is best to choose a countertop with a "rough" texture, because it is more practical.

Usually, at the point of sale material for countertops, and provides services for its cutting. Enough to give the craftsmen the exact size and wait ten minutes as the worktop will be ready. It remains only to establish and appropriately secure.

However, to cut the countertop you personally. You need to have at hand an electric jigsaw and a workbench. Instead of the workbench you can use the kitchen table.

Installation of countertops

Of course, before you install a new countertop, you need to dismantle the old. Despite the fact that the old countertop to continue may no longer be necessary to dismantle it carefully and slowly. Caution is primarily needed in order not to damage the kitchen.

Before you install the countertops you should make a hole under the kitchen sink and integrated appliances (if necessary). To install the countertop need directly on the kitchen cabinets, and need to mount with screws to the connection bars.

Place cut-outs for equipment and shell should be sealed with silicone sealant, and the resulting saw cut chipboard should be glued with a special edge. This edge is glued with structural adhesive. Along the wall it is necessary to install a special wall skirting, preliminary having all the joints with silicone sealant.

Tip for the future: what would not seem durable laminated surface new countertops, all the same butchering meat and cutting food should be done on a special cutting boards.