Advice 1: How to connect a countertop

In the case when the kitchen is not in a straight line, and has a fairly complex configuration, its top often is a few scattered pieces of cloth that resulted from the build will intelligently connect them. Of how well it is done, depends not only the appearance of the kitchen, but the life of the countertops.
You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - gun with silicone sealant;
  • - fasteners;
  • level.
Proceed to connecting the tabletop in the case when all the cabinets in the bottom row are in place, connected with fasteners and exposed with adjustable legs for height and level. In the corner Cabinet bolted to corners of the fasteners, cut the necessary holes. In the upper bars of the adjacent cabinets drilled holes of the tabletop.
Carefully examine the kit of parts when assembling the corner of the countertop. Usually it consists of three fragments and the aluminum bar of the T-shaped section with holes for screws. Lay the portion of the table top in its place. Please note that all cabinets from the front overhang of the countertop (about 4 cm) coincided with each other and other kitchen cabinets. Side edges of the countertop align with the ends of the racks with the inserted T-shaped straps. Prune back part of the countertop in that case, if the measurement is carried out with the curvature of the walls and the top tight against the rear wall.
Attach the corner part of the countertop to the Cabinet. It is secured from inside the Cabinet. To do this comfortably together, as the countertop top better press.
Attach the T-shaped strap to one of the remaining parts of the countertop at the junction. The end of the strap coinciding with the external rounded edge of the countertop need to look for jobs is to remove the stiffener to the tip of the strap could go around the outside edge of the countertop. Drop the screw into the hole in the strap, look out if his hat. If it stands out on the surface – rassekaja hole for the screw to hat it is not sticking while drilling.
Put the side piece countertops cromley edge. Silicone sealant over the portion of the strap, which will fit to a prepared piece. Tightly clutching the bar, secure it with the screws. Then apply the silicone to the other side of the strap and push the bar to the corner countertop. Tightly clutching the countertop to the Cabinet (better together), screw it into place. Until the silicone has dried, remove the remnants of it. Slightly sticking the tip of the T-shaped strap with the remote stiffener bend on the front of the connection by tapping it with a hammer using a small piece of wood. The second part of the corner table top do likewise.
Before tightening the screws once again check their length, to prevent damage to the countertop.

Advice 2: How to cut countertop

If you want to punch the sink or stove to the table surface, you will have to cut the countertop. Work with thick counter tops are best left to the professionals. However, more simple options you can handle yourself.
How to cut countertop
In the beginning, before to saw the countertop, mark the location to which you want to install the sink or stove. For these purposes, make a template of the sink or plate in order to make the cut as straight as possible.
If you're a jigsaw with a reverse sharpening saws or hand saw, cut, necessarily positioning the countertop to the top front surface, that is thus, as it will be installed. Small chips in this case will be the bottom. If the countertop covered with plastic, then this option would be ideal.
If you work with a saw, then use the fine teeth of the disk, thus try hard to push the wood to the guide.
If you need to make the corner, then take a jig saw and the template that you cut out beforehand. Depending on the countertop material can change the blade, putting for straight cut, notched, or for clean. For natural wood use a fine teeth blade for MDF and plywood, and straight, use a pendulum jigsaw.
If you cut out the top circle, and it turned out not quite smooth, that smooth problem areas or sandpaper on a piece of shovel handle, or belt sanding machine, designed for convex rounding.
After cutting out walk along the edge of neckline edging mill with a conical nozzle.
In order to ensure that moisture are unable to penetrate into the formed hole, prior to installation, carefully apply the sealant sections.
Cross-cut film iron stick, pre-heating of the countertop with a hot air gun. To comply with the safety rules, do not heat the wood too much, otherwise it may be puffed.
Small bumps on the edge of the cut hole seal trimming film, in the same way warming it with a Hairdryer.
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