For "apron" would be the best plate, which has a thickness of from 3 to 10 millimeters. It must be covered with tape the same color. If the table has a pattern on the tile he, too, must be present. This "apron" can be quickly mounted. One of the advantages also worth noting is its reasonable cost. To mount a wall panel in the kitchen area apron is quite simple.
First you need to secure the wall panel to the wall in the right place. For this purpose, suitable liquid nails. Quite often, panels are mounted on the dowel-nails or 6x60 6х40 to the wall. You can then close the decorative caps-plugs in the color panel. The top edge can be easily removed under the top shelf. The lower edge of the wall panel to strengthen the skirting Board, it is called the parietal side. Wall skirting must be secured to the countertop using screws. In the end, the wall panel is securely fastened.
The color of the area should be similar to the color of the superposed panels. Also the corners look good in silver and Golden color. They will combine with the color of the handles of the kitchen or the roof rails. Using the area you can hide the connecting seam between the panels. He also will not allow the crumbs to fall under kitchen tables. Best for kitchen use the rails as they help to further secure the panels to the wall.
There is another way. If the wall on which you plan to mount the panel, smooth the panel to put at the top of the headset. In the end, on top of it is pressed against the drawers, and the bottom will be fixed to the baseboard. The upper cabinets of the kitchen units should go to the bar, about 2 cm. No need to glue. In the case of the dismantling of don't have the panel to detach from the wall.