The beginning fights are preceded by a discharge tube. For a few days or hours before the birth (every pregnant woman individually) leaves the mucous plug. If immediately after that, the abdominal pain or back increases rapidly and depart amniotic fluid, you should immediately go to the hospital.
Discharge of amniotic fluid. Water can leak a little, even if contractions have not begun. Sometimes water come flow.
Try to assess the strength and duration of contractions. False labor are painless and time periods of the voltage of the uterus. These States should be familiar to you, because of the pregnancy you had to experience these feelings repeatedly. False labor does not grow with time and do not open the cervix. The increased false alarms, reducing the time lapse between them, frequent contractions indicate early labor contractions. To determine the contractions can feel – they are similar to painful menstruation.
Time him. Use a stopwatch or clock to record the duration of each bout, starting with the first. The end of the battle comes along with the disappearance of pain. Interval between contractions is also measure. The change indicators may not be smooth, and sharp, abrupt.
Rate the numbers of fights. Initially, the interval between contractions can range from 10 to 20 minutes, but a gradual decrease in time indicates that the birth pains began. The average duration of contractions ranges from 30 to 45 seconds, the interval between contractions is 4-5 minutes.
Listen to pain. Of labour is accompanied by a slight pain, which is not too sharp and long. Gradually, the pain intensified, reaching its peak by the beginning of childbirth.