Review the activities of the companyin which you get a job. If you have friends or acquaintances who work there, talk to them, they can tell you about it in detail. In any case, any information about this company you can find online, even if their website had not. It would be great if you manage to find information not only about the products that this company produces, but also about the history of its formation, as well as economic and social indicators.
You should get about the organization a clear view and know how it is known in the market, its reputation as a business partner and the manufacturer or service provider. Well, if during the interview you will be able to refer to some publications and comments on its activities, which have been able to find in the media.
The list of reasons why you want to work in this company, mention those that are important to you, as a specialist – possibility of career and professional growth, training. For some applicants the important point is the participation in the capital of the company by foreign investors, which involves travel to foreign travel and the possibility of obtaining professional certification of the international standard.
In a separate block, highlight the benefits that the company has on social programs, wages, opportunities, encouragement of initiative and integrity.
In conclusion, can you tell me about how you see the opportunity to prove himself as a specialist of this company, than you can be useful for what your knowledge and experience can come in handy. Here you can list the jobs where you performed similar functions and responsibilities, and speak about methods that you know of software that you can use in the workplace.