Try to give as much information about yourself. You need to understand that employers aspire to employ the least random candidates. Therefore, it is important to know what you know, what character have than interested in what you have inclination. On finding similar items and often directed the questions in the questionnaire.
Do not forget to specify the detail'. Typically, these questions do not reflect the actual needs of the company in information about you. They are just so, just in case. But if you still have any doubt, ask the representative of the personnel Department about the cause of such issues. The only thing you definitely can not write – it's about the existence of private property.
Information about the parents and close relatives try to indicate briefly. As a rule, these data are not taken into account by companies, but in order to avoid unnecessary issues, you can give the minimum information.
If you are confused by the issue of the requirements for the salary, discuss it orally with the personnel officer. Your anguish is understandable, this is a very sensitive topic. But it should respond, having weighed the situation on the market. About remuneration in the same place of work always tell honestly. These data are usually checked or known about the employer.
To the question in the questionnaire about your character traits-treat with caution. Positive aspects include fair, but on the negative think. Reply still have, but overly Frank is also not necessary.
About my personal life say very delicately and discreetly. Better to ask you orally, than regarded as anything written.
Answering the questions in the questionnaire, never argue with a recruiter. It is better to politely discuss a dubious and incorrect questions, to find a compromise.