The choice of the future profession cannot be left "for later". We cannot think that the right place suddenly itself turned up immediately after graduation. While there is time and opportunity, you need to try themselves in several areas, watching and listening and drawing conclusions: suitable to me this or not. So you can work starting from school, if you have time and if the parents don't mind. On the other hand, studying can also affect the choice of future profession: after all, so you can easily go to University and in the process of obtaining higher education decide your case or not.
Another good opportunity to try yourself in that field, which would you choose, enrolling in College, is a production practice. Every University conducts it in different terms. You will be able to assess their capabilities, knowledge, and their willingness or unwillingness to work in this capacity. If you understand that it's not for you, that you are actually interested in something quite different, and that you made a mistake enrolling at this University, it's not too late to change and turn the other way. It is better, than then all life to suffer at a job that you are disgusted.
Try your luck abroad. Now there are many recruitment agencies that can send you to work abroad. To work you will be there or in the specialty, or the services, or in hotel... In any case, this is a great chance to see those specialties about which you are doubtful, on the other hand. Experience of international communication does not harm anyone else. However, be careful not what the pressure on cheaters, and that will remain, and no experience and no money.
Is the so-called career centres where you can take tests and learn what profession you have the inclination. There you will receive competent care, help in the choice of his journey, give advice on how to fulfill your potential. But such tests and many online. Nobody, of course, can't answer for its accuracy and correctness, but there are also some very thoughtful options. The choice is yours.
Pay attention to their relatives and friends. Get better acquainted with the business in which they are engaged. It's the people close to you, they will be able to tell you about the intricacies of his profession, and also to evaluate you whether you fit, in their opinion, to operate in a particular area. Often the view is too close objectively, but if there are people you can in this matter to rely upon, why not ask for help to them?