Determine what are the components is the service. In our case, the cost of paper and cost of ink cartridges per customer.
Under the photo means a unilateral Lomond CLC paper size 10 x 15 cm, on which are printed pictures. Lomond CLC paper selected for reasons of its low cost and General availability. For printing photos on the documents used, as a rule, matte paper, which can, if necessary, to seal. The cost of such a paper in Moscow is 70 COP. per sheet. The cost of the sheet of glossy paper Lomond 10 x 15 cm is 1 p. 10 kopecks.
Suppose that for printing photos used 5-cartridgesa inkjet printers Canon IP3600/4600. They have four thin cartridge # 521 - black, red, blue, yellow, and one thick cartridge No. 520 - black. The cost of the cartridges No. 521 in Moscow - 400 rubles apiece, cartridge No. 520 - 450 p. lower price ink cartridges suggests that they are either refilled, or it's just fake. Based on years of experience of operation booths can be argued that all the cartridges are spent at different speeds: red No. 521 - enough for 300 clients; blue No. 521 - 400 clients; yellow No. 521 - 350 customers; black No. 521 - 400 clients; black No. 520 - 800 customers.
To simplify the calculations we take the average patency of the cabins - 350 clients per month. At this cross for a month you will have to go about one set of fine cartridge No. 521и half thick No. 520. Thus, in the month cartridges will cost: (400 x 4) + 225 = 1825 p. When the patency of 350 clients per month cost of the cartridges per customer: 1825/350 = 5.21 R.
Perform the final calculations. Summing up the cost of a sheet of paper and cost of ink cartridges for the same client, the resulting cost of services: matte paper: 0,7 p.+ 5.21 p.= 5,91 p., glossy paper: 1,1 p.+ 5.21 R.= of 6.31 R. Using this example, you will be able to calculate the cost of any other services, substituting, and using the necessary data.