You will need
  • curler, comb, wooden blank or stand, oven.
Remember, Curling an artificial wig will have at a high enough temperature. So use wood or metal curlers. Do not use plastic as they can melt. Can even yourself to make a curler desired diameter out of cardboard. To do this, screw the cardboard tube, glue them with glue or PVA. Just do not use glue, it might just melt.
For Curling synthetic wig, use a broiler, oven or a large enough amount of boiling water.
Slip the wig on a wooden disc. It can be purchased at a specialty store or order under the size of his head master at working with wood. Separating the strands, roll the hair on curlers. If you use cardboard, hair rollers, then the hair is secured with Bobby pins. Place them under the pins, pieces of cardboard, the hair is not salomonis.
Preheat the oven to 95-100 degrees. Place the wig on a stand in the closet and maintain at this temperature for 40-50 minutes. Then turn off oven but do not open or remove the wig. Let it completely cool to room temperature. Now you can pull out and carefully remove the curlers.
There is another way of Curling hair. Take the lace, slightly dampen hair. Tightly screw the locks and put in a sink or basin. Then pour kipyatkom stranded part. Depending on the composition of the artificial hair pouring the boiling water will have 5-10 minutes. At the end pour over the curls of ice water.
The only thing you need to watch, performing such treatments to faux hair began to melt, then the temperature should be reduced.
Natural wig much easier. Front wrap lightly dampen the hair. Comb with a few teeth grab individual strands and wrap them on a normal curler. Leave the wig on a wooden disc to dry completely. Then gently remove the rollers and gently tease the hair.