Advice 1: How to comb a wig

The hair on the wig is not static: artificial hair and natural, require constant care. Make them look natural, you need regular brushing removed the wig, because when it is worn on the head, fix the hair would be very problematic.
How to comb a wig
Wash the wig with shampoo in warm water at a temperature of about 35 degrees and apply on hair special mask. After thorough rinsing, gently squeeze it and wrap in a Terry towel. Never wash the wig in hot water and combing it start only after they are completely dry. Fasten the wig on a special disc or three-liter jar. You can also ask someone to hold the wig in his hands, in order to make it easier to comb.
Start with the tips of the hair. If they are very messy, take small strands and alternately comb them with a metal comb with a few teeth and a long handle, which will help to unravel the little tangles, and clues. After processing the ends, gradually moving to the top of the wig. Do not use while combing force. If the resulting torque and the mats, carefully cut them with scissors. To avoid noticeable bald spots, should not be abused in this way.
Divide hair into sections: the more they are confused, the more you need sections for combing. Serious tangles disassemble by hand. Pay special attention to the back of the head where the hair is strongest. Get the correct directions of hair: they must be parallel to each other. Rasputan hair, continue combing wooden massage brush with thick fingers, the advantage of which is that they are poorly electrified. The brush is designed for styling the strands and the formation of hairstyles. Aim it downward and make sure that the hair has not formed lumps. Do not pull on the wig when combing, otherwise the curled hair will lose its shape.
Brushing is the first step in any procedure to care for a wig, because hair is very difficult to perform any action with it. When painting, it will be impossible to achieve a uniform distribution of dye throughout the length of the hair, and the Perm will be difficult to separate the desired strand.

The wig should be brushed before each donning.

Advice 2 : How to care for a wig

One of my favorite ways of transformation of women is to change hairstyles. To change the hairstyle without sacrificing their own hair by using a rich assortment of modern wigs. But, in order to make the wig look stylish and well maintained, it is necessary to observe the basic rules of care.
Women's wig
The wig is a perfect opportunity to experiment with the change of self-image, and provide hair a complete rest from exposure to chemicals, dyes and hot styling. If the wig starts to lose its beauty and fluffiness of the hair, it's time for cleaning.

Wig made of artificial hair

Caring for a wig of artificial hair in the first place comes down to careful brushing. For this purpose it is fixed on a special disc or on the Bank of the right size – this measure prevents the pulling of the hair, which often happens when combing the wig, lying on his hands.

For brushing, use a special brush or wide-tooth comb. Pre-matted curls gently deal with your fingers, then comb starting from the ends of the strands and moving to the top of the wig. If curly hair – combing their fingers only to apply combs and brushes is impossible, since the curls from this development, and the hairs are easily injured.

To wash a synthetic wig you need in a little warm water in which is dissolved a mild shampoo. The wig immersed in water and leave for 5-10 minutes, then gently rinse in cool water, trying not to entangle your hair.

After shampooing and using conditioner, which will give the artificial hair extra softness – the balsam is dissolved in lukewarm water, immersed in a solution of the wig, leave for influence for 10 minutes. Rinse hair after shampooing is not necessary.

Drying of wig is made first on a towel to soak up excess water, then the ingot to dry. Wet wig can not wring, to twist and deform. While hair is wet – they can spray a conditioner that give your hair volume and will allow to avoid accumulation of static electricity.

Styling artificial hair produced without the use of a Hairdryer, hot rollers and crimper.

The wig of natural hair

Natural hair wig comb in the stacking direction, no sudden movements, using a special brush or comb with a few teeth.

Wash a human-hair wig on the pig, pre-moisten your hair with water at room temperature. The shampoo is applied on the palm and gently spread through hair in the direction of their growth. Then rinse the shampoo with cool water, not twisting the wig inside out. To maintain a natural look and healthy Shine to the hair it is recommended to use balm.

Drying the wig is made on a towel, after final drying the hair you can start styling. Shape correction is performed using any of the tools: hot hair dryer, Curling iron, flat iron or curlers.
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