Wash the wig with shampoo in warm water at a temperature of about 35 degrees and apply on hair special mask. After thorough rinsing, gently squeeze it and wrap in a Terry towel. Never wash the wig in hot water and combing it start only after they are completely dry. Fasten the wig on a special disc or three-liter jar. You can also ask someone to hold the wig in his hands, in order to make it easier to comb.
Start with the tips of the hair. If they are very messy, take small strands and alternately comb them with a metal comb with a few teeth and a long handle, which will help to unravel the little tangles, and clues. After processing the ends, gradually moving to the top of the wig. Do not use while combing force. If the resulting torque and the mats, carefully cut them with scissors. To avoid noticeable bald spots, should not be abused in this way.
Divide hair into sections: the more they are confused, the more you need sections for combing. Serious tangles disassemble by hand. Pay special attention to the back of the head where the hair is strongest. Get the correct directions of hair: they must be parallel to each other. Rasputan hair, continue combing wooden massage brush with thick fingers, the advantage of which is that they are poorly electrified. The brush is designed for styling the strands and the formation of hairstyles. Aim it downward and make sure that the hair has not formed lumps. Do not pull on the wig when combing, otherwise the curled hair will lose its shape.