6 ways to make small curls

The first and the most durable way to achieve smaller curls is to do a Perm hair. As claimed by masters of beauty, the curls can stay up to 6 months. But if you are not ready for such a radical decision (which can adversely affect the health of the hair), there are 5 ways how you can make the hair style out small locks of the house at once.

To implement the second method you will need a hair straightener. Separate a thin strand of hair. Screw it to the object with the desired future diameter curls (pencil, brush, pen), holding it upright. Slip bottom a small piece of foil to the level of wound strands. Remove the object through the top, holding the hair with your fingers. Close the top of the rolled curl with foil. Press for a few seconds irons and open foil. Curly ready. Now please be patient and do the same on the remaining hair.

A third way is to wrap in thin curls on the Curling iron. Before you start, make sure to spray the hair thermo protector. Take a thin curl and wrap in accordance with the user manual to your Curling iron.

For the fourth method, you have to clean slightly damp hair and apply the foam for styling. Divide your hair into four parts and tied two buns on top and two below. Loosen one of the lower parts and braid from the hair and 10 braids, leaving a very small tip, tied with a thin elastic band. Repeat with the rest of the hair. Sablettes on the night and in the morning rasplatita braids and lightly comb the hair with your fingers. The effect will be to stick to shampooing.

The method of the fifth to put small locks on the rod – wooden stick with notches in a spiral. Treat your hair with foam and wrap the delicate curls on the rod from top to bottom. Soak for four hours and unwind. Divide your hair into small curls or ostavite elastic curls and sprinkle with varnish.

The sixth method is to wind small sections of hair in curlers-boomerangs – thin foam wand with wire inside, through which the curler can be used to tighten and to lock thereby the curl. To wind wet hair should be treated with foam. Wait until fully dry (3-4 hours) or leave overnight.

How to make small curls improvised

There are several ways to give hair the small curls.

For example, for this purpose you can use cocktail straws. Screw them thin curls, which previously apply foam for styling, fix the roots of your hair. After half an hour remove and shape with your fingers.

Curlers-boomerangs can be replaced with pieces of cloth, or wet cloths, tying them at the roots. Hairstyle gives a very voluminous and persistent.

Also make a curly hair by using hair pins. Hair style done on wet hair. Take a thin slice, put it in the core of the pin and roll the hair in the form of eight around the ends of the studs. The tip of the fasten invisible. An hour and a half loosen the hair and give them shape, gently spreading with your fingers.

Experiment and invent their own ways to create small curls at home!