You will need
  • - detergent for delicate fabrics;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - olive oil;
  • - hot water;
  • - iron
  • cloth for Ironing.
Straightened the wig will remain so forever unless you use other means Curling. Prepare the product carefully comb him with a comb with a few teeth, unravel all the "glomeruli". To work easier, apply hair wigs remedy for combing or conditioning.
Put the product on a special stand and secure with pins. Put all of it into the tub. Heat a pan of water to a temperature of eighty degrees. Water the wig with hot water to wet all the hair. Leave the product to dry naturally, do not dry it with a Hairdryer.
If the wig is still curly, repeat the procedure. Do not use metal utensils, hair straighteners (flat irons), artificial hair may melt. A wig made of genuine hair can be straightened by using the same tools that you apply to your hair.
The wig can be straightened using a conventional iron. Neatly and evenly spread artificial hair on an Ironing Board. Cover them with a special fabric, so as not to burn. Temperature controller iron install first at the average level, then add if need be.
Prepare a special shampoo that refreshes and cleanses the hair of the wig. Wash the product several times a month. Pour into a saucepan two liters of water and a good boil to clean lime deposits that can damage the synthetic hair strands of the wig.
Pour the water into a clean bowl and place in fridge. In a small bowl, pour a liter of cold boiled water. Add a Cup of detergent for washing delicate fabrics and mix. Splash a teaspoon of olive oil, it will give Shine to the wig. Lemon juice (teaspoon) – fresh scent.
Dip the wig into the water, thoroughly wet all the hair. Do not RUB them, drive under the water smoothly. Change the water to clean and rinse the product. Remove the wig, put on a thick Terry towel and cover the free end. Carefully and gently press the product. Shake the wig and carefully spread it on the stand.