First of all, you need to decide by the flowers. Choose them in accordance with the tastes of the receiver, and the freshness of the flowers and your preferences. If you are going to give flowers to his beloved woman will surely find out what flowers she loves the most. Of course, it is not necessary to give any excuse to them, but the most memorable day – the wedding day or on the anniversary of relations, give them. But in other cases you can include fantasy.
The colors you chose. Then you should define the number of them. Keep in mind that it is customary to give odd number of flowers, but if more than nine, the number can be both even and odd.
If you carry a bouquet in transport or if it is cold or windy, your flowers should be wrapped in paper. But don't forget to remove it before going to give them. But if flowers as decorations wrapped in gift paper, mesh or film, such packaging should remain. However, you should not overdo the packaging – the colors look much more natural and sincere, if you give them unpackaged.
The custodian is directly giving flowers. Feel free to keep the bouquet upright, so that the flowers looked up. Generally horizontally holding the bouquet when you do not give him a lay.
Take the bouquet in your left hand, freeing the right hand for greeting, and as soon as you enter the apartment or to meet with those who designed the bouquet, hand it in immediately, saying something like "it's you", and better come up with something interesting. Remember, no matter how gorgeous a bouquet, if you say "hold!" about the good experience of the gift can be easily forgotten. A bouquet to his girlfriend is not necessary to give personally, you can leave it where she'll find it, attaching the card or it remains unknown.