When to give flowers to the man

Usually men handed bouquets for birthdays, anniversaries. You can congratulate the partner on the professional holiday. Also, the flowers are presented in honor of athletic victories, career enhancement. You can bring a small bouquet of flowers, visiting patient in hospital and in some other situations.

Get man of flowers, welcoming him from a business trip, or just give a beautiful, but masculine bouquet to his beloved. Male and female plants are different from each other. The choice of "male" flowers in bouquets will not be as diverse as "female".
Floristics in the selection of colors for men adheres to a set of rules.

What flowers will go in the men's bouquet

It is preferable to give the man the flowers, which he likes, not pink, as is customary in Russia. In cases where you don't know what flowers prefer your friend, colleague, relative or partner, it is better to choose large on high legs. To the male bouquets are perfect gladioli, dahlias and chrysanthemums with large flowers, large roses, irises and tulips. The original is a bouquet of exotic flowers – Cala, orchids, anthuriums, bamboo and delphinium. Choosing a bouquet, try to make sure that it matches the age of the man, his social position and situation.
The bouquet can be made in classic or modern style.

Bouquets of different flowers often look cheap and cheesy. More exquisite for men bouquets of the same flowers. If you choose a mixed set, let the flowers in it are the same color. Colors subject to certain rules: men give blue, purple, white, maroon, or red plants.

Decided to make a bunch of elongated, strict symmetrical or asymmetrical lines. Such a design of a bouquet of emphasized masculinity, and also the courage and wisdom of a strong half of mankind.

Refer to the language of flowers. For example, giving the man a peony, you show your modesty and can not be afraid to seem Intrusive.

White roses mean friendship, the same applies to the chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemum – universal flowers, they look great on the desktop and in the office. The male flower is the gladiolus, it symbolizes chivalry.

Knowledge about colors and about the art of making men's bouquets will help you to bring joy to your family and friends men.