Make a bouquet with the mind

First of all, it should be noted that if you are not too well versed in the preparation of bouquets, give a girl one beautiful flower, Dahlia, Orchid, Lily or rose. It's not pathetic or weird. One red rose speaks of love much louder than a poorly-chosen bouquet. If you think that a flower is too short, call for help from the florist. Remember, a huge gaudy broom of greens, lush wrapper rustling the polyethylene looks too standard. It is better to choose small, neat and unusual bouquet, for example, if you have problems with finances.
If you want to make a nice compliment to a girl, choose for her unusual flower (a peony, blue rose, bright Orchid). When you give a flower, compare a girl with him.

Bouquet (or flower) should be presented skillfully. First, bring flowers heads down, turn them only shortly before the meeting with the girl. Secondly, do not belong to the flowers too casually. They need to give with pleasant words, not to stick in his hands, hiding his eyes and stammering. But we should not give them too much importance, it is not necessary to drop to one knee, recite poems... Be moderate in their manifestations.

Find out the details before you give the bouquet

Of course, it is best to know in advance what kind of flowers a girl likes me. At the same time a good idea to clarify whether she is allergic to some flowers. If you have to choose the colors without this information, choose something neutral. Remember that the lilies and orchids, many allergies, red roses quite openly talking about feelings and dahlias for a long time do not fade. If you buy a bouquet or basket add a nice card with his name and wishes. This little detail personalitywe bouquet connects the aroma and sight of flowers with your name in the subconscious of the girl you give flowers.
It is not necessary to come with a bouquet for a date, if you planned a walk, or a long evening in a cafe. The flowers will be in the way to quickly wither without water.

If you want to intrigue the girl to hint to her feelings, which do not dare to admit, refer to the language of flowers. Properly chosen floral arrangement with meaning can be an interesting task for your darling. The main thing – do not overload the excess of such gift items. The bouquet should be a mystery, and a hint rather than a technical riddle.

If you have the opportunity, send a girl flowers at work. It's very romantic. Besides, if you send flowers on the day of the appointed date a girl to be in good spirits and, therefore, your date will be fine. Don't forget to like the bouquet attach a card.