Why put a temporary filling

Each second patient dental clinic at least once in your life having a disease such as pulpitis. Pulpitis is usually accompanied by terrible, wild, unbearable toothache. This is because the tooth nerve exposed. To get rid of the pain, you need to kill the nerve.

This can be done with anesthesia and modern methods, but quite a large percentage of patients on the components of the standard method of injection causing severe allergic reactions. In this case, dentists have to resort to the use of temporary fillings, to remove the nerve. This is the longer, but quite effective method, which is suitable for Allergy sufferers.

As a temporary filling frequently ARSENICAL paste, which removes the damaged teeth from all harmful substances, and kills pain. Arsenic seems quite a dangerous substance, therefore many patients the question arises — how long can I wear temporary filling? To answer this question is quite simple.

How long can you go with a temporary filling

A temporary seal is made from either castineira (which is ARSENICAL paste), or from depulping (which consists mostly of lidocaine and paraformaldehyde). To walk around with a temporary filling can be from a week to two, specific time depends on the amount of the drug and its selenolate. A significant factor is individual tolerance of the components of the temporary filling by the patient himself.
A temporary filling may be used in the modern methods of getting rid of dental nerves, if the dentist has any doubts about the correctness of the performed operation.

It is very important to follow the doctor's recommendations about temporary fillings, follow his instructions and come to the reception to remove the temporary filling that day.
Temporary fillings are often used in prosthetics, to protect what remains of the teeth from negative impacts at the time of manufacture of the implant.

The fact that the temporary filling (and arsenic, and lidocaina) when overexposure can be very dangerous. If you held it for more than two weeks, the active ingredients that were supposed to kill the nerve in the damaged tooth can become for the body of poison. So if your dentist has prescribed you a specific day to extract temporary filling, it is advisable to go to another doctor no later than a week after installation. The temporary filling without the unpleasant consequences it is possible to overexpose one or two days, the subsequent reaction to it, and tooth, and the body can be negative.