You will need
  • pearls;
  • - thread, fishing line or wire;
  • - scissors;
  • - of precious or semi-precious beads;
  • - beads.
For sale is a huge assortment of artificial pearl, which is represented in the form of beads of different diameter and the widest color gamut. No need to buy the entire package of pearls of the same color or size. Specialized departments (including online stores) allow you to select any number of beads. Thus, it is possible to acquire the required number of gems in order to make your own, one of a kind, and thread of pearl jewelry, which can serve as a lovely gift.
In these departments have all the necessary hardware – fasteners of various types, fishing line or thread to assemble the beads (they can be in tone with the beads). For stringing pearl very convenient special wire, which can give the product conceived form. This brings into made things fresh stream of novelty. You can also purchase colored beads, which further gives the decoration a tenderness and grace.
Pick up beads of the same diameter in accordance with the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, Indigo, violet). Lay them on a flat surface in the required order and thread on the line. Between the pearls, you can get beads of the same colors (that is, after the red bead is a bead of the same color). Will gay low pearl of the rainbow that will always lift the mood of its owner.
Purchase pearls and white seed beads black colors. String the beads in order of rotation: white pearl black beads. This simply exquisite option to decorate the woman, and, like at a fun party, and during the officialdom. When Zhedanov, you can replace the beads are black on white. This will lend a purity and harmony.
Select pearls of the same color, but different diameter and string the beads, starting from the middle, and with the largest diameter. To the edges gradually decrease the size of the pearls. Between the beads lay in a bead (to match or contrast, contrast).
Interesting is the variant in which besides the pearls being used and other precious and semi-precious stones, for example opal, amethyst, emerald, agate, turquoise. Their unusual shape allows to translate into reality the most daring ideas.