You will need
  • jewelry cable;
  • - a needle with a wide eye;
  • new beads;
  • castle;
  • - pliers.
Inspect the affected beads. If the thread is torn, you will need to pereneset them more durable. A broken zipper should be replaced with a new reliable lock. If part of the shabby pearl beads plating or gold plating, they should be removed with a common thread. That necklace is not shortened, instead of the tainted beads pick up a new, the right color and size.
Buy everything you need. A wide range of suitable materials can be found in special stores for creativity or craft. Instead of thread or fishing line buy jewelry rope of suitable diameter. It is resilient, flexible and allows you to string the beads without the use of needles.
If you need a new clasp, choose a reliable model, firmly fixing the ends of the beads. When purchasing, check how tightly fastened the lock, not open it spontaneously. RUB the zipper with a clean handkerchief, some metals can stain your skin.
Remove the beads from the thread and place them in a saucer or other suitable container. To work on the table – you can lay out the future of the necklace, if necessary, to measure it and not to lose beads.
Cut a piece of jewelry wire. In size it needs to be a little longer for future beads. On the edge fasten the fastened lock, threading it through the eye and firmly tightening the knot. The free end of the cable connect with the main thread and start stringing the beads.
Repeat pattern paraplegia necklace or come up with your own design, alternating the beads to break the thread with a new one. If the picture you don't like it, remove part of the beads and perenesite them differently.
When finished, pass the cable needle with a wide eye. Pass a needle through the loose ring of the second part of the castle. Pull it twice, then pass the thread through the nearest to the clasp bead. Pull the shift cable to avoid gaps, and beads went smoothly.
Securing the cable tie around the eyelet lock double knot and how to tighten it. For additional fixation of shrink attachment point with the pliers. Carefully cut the end of the thread with pliers and straighten the beads.